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Bold Branding & Graphic Design

Elizabeth Spear is a passionate marketer and graphic designer who specializes in creating eye-catching designs for small businesses, including logos and brand guides, assets for web and animation applications, social media ads, infographics, and print materials.

During her time in the marketing industry, Elizabeth has developed a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the power of visual communication in bridging the gap between a business and its clientele. She works closely with each of her clients to ensure that their branding materials accurately represent their business and resonate with their target audience to deliver their message.

Meet the Artist

IMG_3809 2_edited_edited.jpg

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a full-time marketer and designer who loves to spend her time creating artwork in different media. When she's not sketching or painting, she loves game nights, boba tea dates, and watching movies with her husband, Quinn. 

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Project Features

bighams billboard feature-01.png
bighams billboard feature-01.png

Print Design

Newspaper Mockup 2_edited.jpg
Newspaper Mockup 2.png

Social and Web

Flatland Music Festival Brand Guide-01.png
Flatland Music Festival Brand Guide-01_e

Brand Design

first bank and trust animation-04.png
first bank and trust animation-04.png

Animation Assets

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